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Understanding the Lifecycle of the Head Lice is the Key to successful home treatment

A1 Lice Life Cycle.jpg
  • When the Egg  (nit) is initially laid it is not easily visible to the human eye, its translucent.  It takes approx. 2-3 days for the egg  Shell to form and become visible. 

  • With this in mind following your first attempt to clear an infestation at home  (or professionally),  a second session will be required to remove any Nits or Lice that will have come through. This is the critical point, by not following through with the second treatment the infestation will continue. NO PRODUCT will kill 100% of the Nits and eggs. Please do not rely on a product to deal with the the eggs for you, IT WILL NOT WORK. for further reference on egg removal please check out


  • From the time the egg becomes visible to the point where the Louse matures and  can lay eggs  you have approximately 5-7 days to complete a successful second extraction and Nit removal, Nit removal is best done through wet coming. 


  • The Lice Extractor is used to remove the Lice, it will not forensically remove the Nits ( eggs),  for egg removal we recommend the Nit Kit and its Nit Kit Comb.

  • If you find the process of Wet combing too stressful you can use the Lice extractor on a more frequent basis to complete the process (every 3 days) doing so, you will extract the Lice as they hatch and before they mature to lay eggs.  

  • The process should be repeated until Lice and or eggs are no longer visible.  See our FAQ for further details or please feel free to email us for free advice.

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